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Our Mission

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Our mission at Cake A Difference is to provide joy and memories to children dealing with food insecurity by providing them with a birthday cake. Every child deserves to be celebrated on their birthday regardless of circumstances.

Birthday Surprise

How it all Began

Birthdays were always a big part of my childhood. Every birthday I had, I would bring donuts in to share with my elementary school class. And at every birthday party, there was always a giant cake with large candles and sweet frosting. I never realized that many children were not able to celebrate their birthday due to food insecurity.


As I got older and matured, I realized that food insecurity was a prominent issue in my community. I grew a keen interest in trying to solve the food insecurity issue starting at my own school. I organized a successful food pantry allowing students to obtain food during the school day to bring home. The satisfaction I felt hearing of the many kids using the pantry was unmatched. I wanted to do more. 


One afternoon, I scrolled upon a simple tiktok video. It was of a young boy recently adopted from Africa receiving a cake on his birthday for the first time. He cried tears of joy and hugged his new parents. Seeing that brought tears to my eyes. I wondered if the families in my community who struggled with food insecurity had the luxury of providing a cake for their kids on their birthdays. And that’s what sparked the idea for Cake A Difference. 

We are an organization under 501(c)(3) status that addresses the challenging issue of childhood food insecurity, and attempts to give children joy and happiness on their birthday. Together, we can combat food insecurity one cake at a time, as every child deserves to be celebrated!

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Our Goals


ENSURE that every child has a special birthday, no matter their situation.


COMBAT the serious issue of food insecurity one cake at a time!


FOSTER better engagement 
and empathy in our community towards the less fortunate

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